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Type: Vidéo libre
Titre: Rising tide
Auteur:Site/InterMap Philip Shotton et Dawn Furness
Année: 2012
Genre: Horreur
Durée: 78 mn
Licence: CC-BY-NC-SA
Liens de téléchargement:
Description et commentaires: A coming-of-age film with more than a touch of darkness, Rising Tide takes the simmering desires and uncertainties of teen experience and twists them into a tale of paranoia, loss and revenge.

With school exams over, it was one last chance to celebrate with close friends before going separate ways, but while toasting so-called 'friendship' and making plans for a final camping adventure together, Izzy, the new girl in the closely knit group, is hiding a dark and devastating past.

Izzy's secret follows the friends to the remote, tidal island of Lindisfarne off the North East English coast, steeped in myth and mystery, where her skeletons come well and truly out of the closet to take revenge on the trapped, terror-stricken teens.


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