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Site Configuration

Here you find some links to Site configuration and administration pages. Add links to other pages you may need for your site's configuration here, as necessary. Some links may only apply to certain configurations or skins.

The Site group contains configuration pages, and the SiteAdmin group contains administrative pages.

Note to new administrators:

  • All pages in the 'Site' group (except Site.Side Bar) are locked for editing as the default. Site.SideBar is locked with the site-wide edit password, if one is set.
  • All pages in the 'SiteAdmin' group are locked for reading and editing as the default.
  • In order to edit any locked page you need to create in local/config.php a site wide admin password (see Passwords Admin). Then you can edit pages and change the access protection of individual pages by changing the page attributes with ?action=attr.

Configuration and Menu Pages

SideBar, header, and footer pages

Sidebar, headers and footers are used to display common content across a group or entire website.

Form pages

Forms are used for display and entry of information.

Quick reference pages

Quick reference pages are included in other pages to assist in the use of those pages.

Template pages

Templates are used by page and form directives to control the output displayed.

Site Administration

Here is the list of the pages in the SiteAdmin group. Some links may only apply to certain configurations.

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